• Julie Noone

Protecting our residents against infection

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

The health of our residents is our top concern. Requirements for greater infection control in skilled nursing homes have been phased in over the last 3 years by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and outlined an effective infection prevention and control program. This program includes systems to prevent, identify, report, investigate and control infections and communicable diseases for SNF residents and staff. In 2017, SNFs were required to develop an antibiotic stewardship program to combat multi-drug resistant organisms. The final phase was implemented in November 2019 and includes a 19-hour course in infection prevention and control.

East Troy Manor has a designated Infection Preventionist (IP) on staff who has completed this training which includes tools, checklists, signs, and policies and procedures for infection prevention.

Some of the many training topics our IP is trained on include:

Infection prevention

Principles of standard precautions

Hand hygiene

Injection safety

Point-of-care blood testing

Environmental cleaning

Linen management

Preventing respiratory infections

Tuberculosis prevention

If you have questions regarding infection prevention or the prevention measures we use, please call our administrator at 262-642-3995.

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