Success Stories

Fred: "I was supposed to die at 85."

Fred pic 3.jpg

“I was supposed to die at 85,” Fred said. “My grandpa and my dad both died at 85. And I did. But after 10 minutes of CPR, I was revived. A special ‘Thank You’ to my son and the Mukwonago Fire Department for their quick response.” 


After a prolonged hospital stay, Fred arrived at East Troy Manor for rehabilitation. He was dependent with every aspect of his mobility and activities of daily living. He required a Hoyer lift for all transfers. He couldn’t feed himself or raise his arms. Sitting, standing and walking were impossible.  

As Fred started to progress, his amazing personality shone through. He would make jokes and tell stories. He decided his one goal was to dance with his therapists before discharging home. And we had that dance - more than once. One of our favorite stories from his therapy was when we asked Fred to stand with us on the count of 3. He would respond, “I had a cat that could count to 3.” We asked what he meant. Fred laughed and said, “I had a cat that would jump up onto the window ledge of my garage. Every time it would be on the third time.” 

Fred worked hard in therapy every day. He never let anything stop his progress so he

could go home and be ready to dance at his grandson’s wedding. With every new

milestone he reached, nursing and therapy staff would cheer for him. After 39 days of hard work, Fred was ready to trial a home assessment. On day 44, Fred returned home. Fred is up and walking, and caring for himself. He will continue therapy at home and eventually progress to outpatient therapy services at East Troy Manor to reach his highest possible level of wellness.  


Fred added a new goal: “I want to be a teenager again…when I turn 113 years old.” 


It’s been a pleasure, Fred. We are happy you chose East Troy Manor for your rehabilitation. We feel so lucky to be with you through this journey and to participate in the great progress you've made and continue to make. Your hard work and perseverance paid off; good luck at home. We’ll never forget you.